The best way to help you determine the best course to take in your journey of facial rejuvenation is to schedule a cosmetic consultation with Marla Klein, MD., we start by interviewing you about your current habits and find out what you see as the issues to work on.

Educating patients on the differences of the different options available is an important component of this visit. It is important to be an informed cosmetic patient. In this way, we can also recommend the best injectable product for you, since every patient’s needs are different, and different fillers have attributes which work better in portions of the face than others.

Prices for procedures are based upon the quantities used for volume of filler, or units for Botox®. In addition, we will tell you how to best prepare before-hand and what to expect afterwards. The fee for the consultation is $150, and may be applied to any cosmetic procedure scheduled within 6 months of the date of the consult.

Dr. Marla Klein is experienced and a:

  • BOTOX® National Educational Faculty Member
  • Sculptra™ National Educational Faculty Member
  • Radiesse™ Medical Educational Faculty Member
  • Juvederm™ National Educational Faculty Member