During the COVID-19 crisis we are offering patients the opportunity to conduct an office visit while staying safely at home.   These TeleHealth visits can be billed to your insurance company, and the insurance companies have committed to paying the regular fee during the crisis.  This appointment time may be used as a screening device, and if an urgent biopsy is warranted, then we can arrange for you to come into the office.


  1. Call or text us at 503-445-2200 or send an email to
  2. New patients will still need to fill out all the normal intake forms
  3. The receptionist will schedule an appointment for you with either Dr. Klein or nurse practitioner Jamie Barbara.
  4. If there is a co-pay, the receptionist will ask to collect it at the time the appointment is made.
  5. The provider will call you directly to the mobile phone number with their iPad. You need to have a video device available with that phone number, such as an iPad, smartphone, or computer.
  6. Please be ready in a quiet place with good lighting. Sit down for the whole visit, please don’t walk through your house or move the iPad around a lot, it makes me motion sick.
  7. If there is a spot on your back for example that you want to discuss, it is a good idea to have someone else take a couple close up pictures of the spot. These should be well focused.  Do this before the appointment, and send those in ahead of time so the provider will have access to it at the time of the appointment to be able to advise.
  8. Any prescriptions needed will be sent in electronically, please know which pharmacy you want to use.
  9. Afterwards, we will send a claim to your insurance company.


Q:  Why haven’t we offered TeleHealth visits before?

A:  Prior to the COVID-19 crisis the insurance companies were only willing to pay about 20% of the  price of an office visit, and the video-video conference had to be conducted with something that was HIPAA compliant and the tech companies wanted us to pay approximately $400 – $500 per month for that service.  During the crisis, the HIPAA restrictions have been removed and the insurance companies have offered to pay a higher fee for the visit.

Q:  Will this be the new normal?

A:  I hope not.  I don’t feel I can provide the same quality level of care this way as I can in a real exam room.  Part of dermatology is actually touching the skin.   Nor can we deliver necessary treatments via telemedicine.   For it to actually become the new normal, the insurance companies would have to agree to pay more for the visits beyond the COVID-19 crisis  and the government would have to continue to waive the HIPAA regulations, or at least the tech companies would have to come down in the price they charge for delivering the service.

Q:  What if I don’t want to pay for an office visit but I still want a provider to evaluate a spot on my skin and just email me or call me with their opinion?

A:  We can do this, but we would prefer not to.   For this service during the COVID-19 crisis, they are calling it a “virtual check-in”.   We can bill the insurance company for this service, but it pays a much lower rate than the TeleHealth visit does and is actually more time consuming.

Pleae keep in mind, doctors and dentists whose revenue depends on seeing patients, just as restaurant owners who depend on serving food to their customers for their revenue… are suffering great finanical losses at the moment.  This crisis may bankrupt many small businesses like my own.  Because of the coronavirus, hardly any revenue can be generated.  Employees are my biggest expense, and I have applied for the government’s SBA loan.  However, there are many other expenses in operating a small business such as rent, malpractice insurance, and the payments for expensive medical equipment.

Therefore, if you want something evaluated during the crisis, please schedule a TeleHealth visit.

Q:  Why are you cancelling my in-office appointment but not rescheduling me right away?

A:  Per Governor Kate Brown’s order, we are not to reschedule anyone until after June 15th.  If the crisis ends sooner, or she changes her order, then we can start scheduling patients again to come in.   Since we can’t reschedule you, we are keeping a list of your names and appointment reasons so we can get back to you right away.

Q:  But doesn’t it take 4-6 months sometimes to schedule an appointment with Dr. Klein?  That has been true in the past, but Dr. Klein will be working extra hours once we are allowed to schedule patients again, to try to get everyone in who wants to be seen and treated.


Monica I.

(She gave a 5-star review)


“Yesterday I had an urgent medical problem that I needed help with right away. I called the office during covid-19 pandemic, was helped right away, was scheduled with a video conference call with Dr. Klein in the morning, then was scheduled to come in that afternoon to take care of my problem. Thank you so much for helping me the same day of my medical crisis. Words cannot thank you enough. I am grateful!”


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TeleHealth Visits

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, insurance companies have agreed to pay us to do office visits via telecommunication for the next 2 or 3 months. It needs to be 2-way video and synchronous, so we are using either Zoom or Face-Time to accomplish that task. Jamie is also using Skype.

If we determine at the visit that something is urgent and needs a procedure sooner than later, then we may ask you to come in for a visit. This way, you can still get dermatology care and stay safe at home.

Please schedule an appointment with Jamie Barbara NP or Dr. Marla Klein by emailing us at or call us 503-445-2200 on Monday – Friday, closed at lunch. (We are sorry, but our nurse practitioner Lisa Peters is temporarily laid off.)

Dr. Klein and Jamie are also seeing patients as needed for biopsies and urgent procedures. It is best if we can preview first via the iPad to keep the number of people down from coming and going.

Improving 2-way Texting - Stay Tuned

I am working on implementing a better way to do 2-way texting between our office and patients. We’ve been doing text reminders for appointments. I have sent emails out, but I know we don’t have everybody’s emails on our list.

I’ll keep you posted, but I think it will make the receptionists and patients lives a little bit easier, because you might be able to set up appointments this way too. More on this to come ~ Marla Klein MD

Our Specials - Postponed

Because of Kate Brown’s order to stop all elective procedures, our specials are currently on hold. Don’t distress if you wanted March, April, May or June’s special because I will put out a new schedule of specials soon (once we know this health crisis is over) and we will offer huge savings and possibly work extra long hours to provide you with the services you want and need.

Stay home and stay healthy, and please don’t forget about us, Klein Dermatology & Associates