Lisa Peters FNP Leaving in June 2021

One of my two nurse practitioners, Lisa Peters, has decided it is time to move on. She is moving to Idaho to be closer to her mother. We are sad to see her go. Jamie Barbara FNP is still here and available to see patients.

I have 3 RNs available for cosmetic procedures: Leslee, Careline and Allie. Leslee has worked with me for 19 years, and is a wife and mother as well. Careline joined us in October, works part-time and is going to OHSU’s Nurse Practitioner program. Allie is our most recent addition, and is being trained in Botox and fillers currently by yours truly. In addition, my assistant Erin is working on her RN degree, as is Michelle. Fawn loves doing the Hydrafacials.

Regarding Insurance Companies
The last few years the insurance companies have escalated their efforts to put obstacles between you the patient and the prescriptions and treatments you need. The overhead of running my business is too high. Five of my employees spend the majority of their time working on prior authorizations (PAs) for medications, PAs for procedures, benefits check, checking the notes to make sure enough documentation is present, sending out claims, receiving denials, and appealing claims. Often the work is futile, it is always frustrating, and I can’t stand it anymore. I have to say, “STOP!” the only way I know how…which is by breaking up with them.

The patient may be in the exam room for 10 minutes, but after they leave it takes about 20-25 minutes to write the chart note. They are now three full typed pages long! Still the insurance company denies claims saying it lacks the “appropriate” documentation. They actually want us to measure the size of acne lesions now. My MAs/RNs spend hours trying to get prescriptions covered. They might spend 1-2 hours so you can save $10 on a tube of cream. It takes many more hours to get a biologic approved. I am not willing to do it anymore, because it is not a logical way to run a business.

Beginning October 1, 2021 we will no longer be participating with Medicare, MODA, Aetna, Cigna and UHC insurances as well as several others. This includes any Medicare with a supplemental plan type of insurance. We will not be billing them for visits, nor will we deal with their PAs. All patients with those insurance plans will still be welcome in the office, but on a self-pay basis.

We will continue to participate only with Blue Cross, Pacific Source, and Providence for now. Jamie Barbara FNP and I (Dr. Klein) will both be available for medical and cosmetic visits.

It makes me sad because I know this is goodbye to many of the medical patients I have cared for over the last 24 years. On the other hand, this should come as great news for those of you who want me to do your Sculptra or Voluma and cosmetic consultations. I know what works, come talk to me.

Please contact us if you wish to transfer your chart to another office or have a copy for yourself. There is a medical release form on our website, we just need that signed, and we will either fax or copy your chart one time at no charge.

Most importantly, please do not yell or be mean to my receptionists, this isn’t their fault. If you are angry and want to vent, call your insurance company. There needs to be a reform for health insurance companies.


June – all non Rx skin products (Epionce!!) 10% off
July – Botox treatments with a NP or RN are $40 off

Celebrate life and treat yourself well,

Marla M. Klein, M.D.

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