The view in Vernazza  photo-sep-13-6-24-56-am   , Manarola,  manarola-harbor  Camogli,  photo-sep-18-10-24-24-am  Siena,   photo-sep-21-2-29-38-am  & Tuscany photo-sep-20-9-16-28-am

Many of you who know me, know that I don’t take a lot of vacation.  However, over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to be able to take one “big trip” per year, and it gives me something to really look forward to.  This year I went to Italy, the Cinque Terra and Tuscany region to explore.  September is a nice time to go, there aren’t as many tourists so it isn’t as crowded.  I think no matter what time of year you go to Italy, the food is fabulous.  I ate too much, gained some weight, but it was fun.

photo-sep-21-4-09-36-am     photo-sep-18-4-14-07-am     photo-sep-16-11-11-36-pm     photo-sep-15-8-49-43-am      photo-sep-18-10-50-48-am   photo-sep-18-4-12-22-am  that’s a cheese wheel he is preparing a pasta dish inside!


and of course GELATO!

photo-sep-14-1-57-17-am      photo-sep-21-2-14-58-am   when I retire (in about 12 years from now I hope) my desire is to have a gelateria!


I’m back to work now, all refreshed, but have to pick a new place to look forward to visiting.  It was my first experience with AirBnB and everything went quite well.


Yours truly,

Marla Klein MD