After the challenges that came with 2020, we wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2021!
Things are starting to look brighter as more people get vaccinated and start to come out of their homes again. Thank goodness for babies and dogs that brighten our days.

We  are…
– open and want to see patients.
– vaccinated or partially vaccinated at this point.
– doing procedures like fillers, microneedling and IPL again.
– sanitizing thoroughly with Clorox products, since I am allergic to Lysol.
– wearing masks and concerned about keeping you safe.
– hoping you will come in and see us.

Melanoma and skin cancer are still a major health problem, and the sooner caught the better off the person is.

Please call us at 503-445-2200 to schedule an appointment.

TEXTING – if you just want to send us a message quickly, you can text a message using that same number 503-445-2200. We have friendly smiling receptionists waiting for your call or text. No automated phone trees here.

Botox Bonanza Days

Has 2020 given you a frownie face? Let us fix that for you!

Botox Bonanza means getting your Botox treatments at $11/unit instead of $14/unit with a minimum of 20 units. You can combine with your Alle account. Leslee has appointments available on Feb 12 and on March 26th all 3 are available: Leslee, Careline and Jamie.

The price on fillers and Sculptra will be going up $50-$100 on July 1, 2021. If you are thinking it is about time to get your face done, you may want to get in and see me, Dr. Klein, soon.

Facial procedure expertise is something I am nationally known for, I’ve been doing them since the days of collagen injections in the 1990’s.

February Specials $50 OFF Hydrafacial and 25% off CoolSculpting for 2 treatments.

March Specials – 25% off CoolSculpting for 2 treatments, $50 Off microneedling including the face or any area, and 10% off hair removal laser treatments. Voluma is 3 syringes for $2100.

Please be kind and patient with each other,
Marla M. Klein, MD

My favorite dog – still William the Corgi

My favorite app: Premium Motivation
My favorite procedures: Sculptra and Voluma
The thing I miss the most: people’s smiles
Most proud of: my two sons
My favorite skin care product: Epionce Intense Defense Serum

Sign seen recently in Beaverton:

A woman cannot live by chocolate alone,

she also needs a dog.